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Daniel Navarrete is creating a short video, entitled We are all knowmads, where participants from around the world are invited to share a short video introduction of themselves and answer the question, how do you imagine a future created by all and for all in the 21st century society?

The purpose of this video is to introduce viewers to knowmads from around the world, and our visions for the future. Short. Friendly. Fun.

The video will be aired at the Knowmads Festival in Peru in 2019 and help bring awareness to the global knowmad movement. Stay tuned for details!

Each participant should follow the following structure to record their video:

  • “My name is … and I come from (country)”
  • Paraphrase this question: How do you imagine a future created by all and for all in the 21st century society? (Perhaps in other words, How do you imagine a more collaborative and equitable future in a global/digital society?).
  • Answer the question with your own ideas in your own words.
  • In the end, smile and say the phrase “we are all knowmads” (in Spanish, the hashtag #TodosSomosKnowmads will be used).

Technical stuff:

  • Feel free to record in your own language, if not in Spanish or English.
  • The video can be recorded with your mobile phone. Make sure to record with the best quality you can. You can record wherever you want, just make sure the sound and lighting are adequate.
  • Duration: 30 - 45 seconds maximum
  • It is recommended that you show enthusiasm! (especially in the phrase “we are all knowmads”
  • SUBMIT THE VIDEO VIA WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com) to the email address: daniel@knowmad.org If you haven’t used WeTransfer, it’s an easy way to send large files!)

How do we imagine that the video will turn out? We are inspired by: https://elpais.com/elpais/2016/09/22/estilo/1474537100_384088.html

Send questions to Daniel at daniel@knowmad.org or by SMS/WhatsApp: +51 966 726 417