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The Education Futures Blog

I believe in the power of sharing, and we make every effort we can to share all the resources and research we produce. Over the past 10 years, we’ve focused our sharing by posting as many resources and works through the Education Futures website as we can.

Even though broadband speeds are increasing, it is projected that 70% of global web traffic will transit at 3G speeds or slower through the end of this decade. Even more important, smartphone traffic is also projected to surpass PC traffic. Our work has built an audience in both more-developed and less-developed areas of the world, and I want to make sure everybody has the best opportunity to access our data and resources as possible.


With this in mind, we are rebuilding the Education Futures website from the ground-up, adopting a mobile-first approach for a leaner and more responsive experience. I'm also cutting out a lot of the fat. A lot of the old blog content that is no longer relevant will not carry over into new site during this transition. This is a handed-coded, human labor-intensive process, and until the transition is complete, you may notice that the old and new sites coexist side-by-side.

Our previous content will remain available at www2.educationfutures.com for some time during this transition process. Some things may break, so please pardon the dust.

We're also retuning our branding across platforms, adding in a rich splash of color. Our logo in social media and other small, digital formats will be presented as a circular or square EF. Larger formats will include the name Education Futures. Print and primarily black-and-white materials will use the legacy Education Futures logotype.

Finally, I'm repositioning this blog to focus on the more human stories. Education is a human endeavor and I want to share what we've been learning around the world and introduce you to people who are making an impact. Learning and sharing are what we do.

What happened to blog commenting? We’ve discovered the vast majority of discussion around our work occurs on social media — and in various languages. A monolithic, English-focused discussion channel no longer makes sense, and we will focus future improvements to support the various discussions happening in social media communities better while maintaining our commitment to a lean, responsive, secure, and resourceful website.

Have any comments or ideas? Feel free to write to me: john@educationfutures.com.