StoryTech: A personalized guide to the 21st century

StoryTech: A personalized guide to the 21st century offers a dynamic 21st century approach for integrating the power of your personal stories with the collective wisdom of groups, organizations, and societies. This Guidebook will introduce you to a very old process that enhances your strategic ability to deal with change and opportunity.

This Guidebook is written in a holographic, non-linear style. In order to satisfy your curiosity and uniqueness, the chapters are not chained together sequentially. You are encouraged to select chapters that have immediate interest to you and read the remaining chapters as your curiosity evolves. Key concepts repetitively appear across different chapters where they are presented from different perspectives and with different objectives. You are encouraged to apply your individual uniqueness in reading this Guidebook. The Guidebook will then become unique to you!

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About the authors

Arthur Harkins is an associate professor in organizational Leadership, Policy and development (OLPD) at the University of Minnesota. He is a faculty member in Comparative and International development Education within OLPD and an adjunct member of the department of Sociology. Harkins is co-author or co-editor of five books, including Cultures of the future and StoryTech: A personalized guide to the 21st century.

George Kubik is President of the Anticipatory Futures Group, LLC. He is a former Strategic Futurist and Assistant regional director for Strategic Planning with the U.S. Government. He has a PhD from the University of Minnesota, and is President of the Minnesota Chapter of the World Future Society. Kubik is a consultant and presenter for corporations, federal, state, and local agencies in the areas of futures research and systems thinking.

Book title: StoryTech: A personalized guide to the 21st century (2nd edition)
Authors: Arthur M. Harkins and George H. Kubik
Publisher: Education Futures LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota
ISBN: 9780978743413
Released: June 2012