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We explore new paradigms in human potential development, driven by exponential, accelerating change.


Education Futures LLC is a global education research and development agency with experience in collaborating with creatives, thought leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human capital development.

We work with schools, universities, and nations to develop research, policies, and innovative solutions for problems that face education today – with an eye for the future. Our areas of expertise include: futures-oriented research, invisible learning, democratic education, non-formal and informal learning, education for under-represented communities, national policy development, and educational change.

We are a think tank. We are a network of subject matter experts, big dreamers, and change agents. We have a virtual presence, and a global footprint. We seek long-term value in the creation of meaningful education futures.


Co-creating the future of education through forward-thinking research

What are we educating for? What does a global citizen of the 21st and 22nd centuries look like? When we started to look hard at these questions, we realized that we need to focus on how to learn, not what to learn, and this refocusing on the how necessitates a more meaningful ecology of options. Where the broadened ecology intersects with purpose, we begin developing new pathways to emerging education formats that have incredible potential: invisible learning, democratic education, critical pedagogy, and unschooling, among others. This is where we connect research with action.

Research Venn Diagram

We are ambitious. We aim to transform schools and universities into vibrant, visionary, hard-charging, front-running, and value-creating centers of excellence that everybody will be proud to attend, work for, and collaborate with.


Highlights of our recent work:

Knowmad SocietyAprendizaje Invisible

  • Open resource creation: With in-house production and collaborations with partners at places such as the University of Oxford and the University of Barcelona, we produced Knowmad Society and Invisible Learning (published in Spanish as “Aprendizaje Invisible“), books that are available as free, open resources.
  • Higher education policy development: Redefining the teacher profile in the Republic of Ecuador.
  • Services for schools: Connecting with schools, universities, and educational organizations in the Americas and Europe.
  • Building an expanded network of educational innovators: Leveraging social media as well as in-person meetings to connect centers of expertise and excellence, globally.
  • Connecting education with creative enterprises: Advisory and professional development services for startups, established businesses, and advisory firms in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


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